Our Company

                      Home Credit is a global platform which centrally manages core strategy, technology, risk, product and funding functions for consumer finance operations.

                      Founded in

                      IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC

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                      Distribution points


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                      *as at 31 December 2018


                      We are a leading emerging market consumer finance specialist and have built a highly scalable, portable and resilient global platform which centrally manages our core technology, risk, product and funding functions while adapting to local market needs.

                      We focus on underserved borrowers in the blue collar and junior white collar segments who earn regular income from their employment or micro-businesses, but are less likely to access financing from banks and other traditional lenders.

                      Our omni-channel distribution model integrates our extensive physical distribution network with convenient online channels, ensuring that our products are always available and easy for customers to access, wherever and whenever they need financing.

                      Our business

                      We primarily offer convenient and affordable point-of-sales (“POS”) loan, cash loan, and revolving loan products to underserved borrowers in nine countries (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, the Czech Republic and Slovakia)

                      Over our successful 22-year track record, we have accumulated a wealth of experience expanding our operations and navigating through credit cycles, while accumulating a large volume of borrower behaviour data which we use to refine risks and cross-selling. 

                      We operate in attractive countries with high growth potential, which as at 31 December 2018 had a combined population of 3.4 billion, a weighted average GDP growth rate of over 6% and weighted average consumer finance penetration of less than 10%.

                      Read more about our vision and business model


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