Our Vision and Business Model

                      Our Vision

                      We aim to provide our customers with seamless access to funding, available anywhere and anytime customers need financing.

                      We aspire to be:

                      • An innovative, technology-driven lender with omni-channel distribution and easily accessible and affordable products;
                      • The lender that offers customers a positive, seamless and safe borrowing experience, helping them to realize their dreams in a financially secure way;
                      • A company that provides its employees with stable and engaging jobs, empowering them to innovate, inspiring an agile approach to lending and encouraging their career progression.

                      Business model

                      Our business model is based on:

                      • A powerful technology platform that centrally and consistently manages strategy, risks, products, funding and customer lifecycles across geographies;
                      • The predictive power of our data that enables efficient risk-based pricing of our loans even for customers with no credit history;
                      • Customized cross-selling of cash loans and cards increasing customer loyalty and lifetime profitability;
                      • Deep relationships with retailers and manufacturers.


                      Commercial model




                      We centrally manage our core strategy, risk, technology, products, funding, finance and talent while adapting to local market conditions. We believe this enables our business to be resilient in the face of changing market conditions, and achieve leadership and profitability in new countries learning from our experience in our more established countries. 

                      Our platform is supported by our highly scalable and portable technology architecture which has evolved over time and is tailor-made to support various aspects of consumer lending. We apply advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies across our business. Our technologies are deployable across all of the countries in which we operate, with embedded localisation features that satisfy our country-specific operating needs. 


                      The large volume of borrower behaviour data that we have accumulated through credit cycles over our 22 years of operations enables us to refine our risk algorithms and continuously improve the predictive power of our scorecards. The deep risk and operating know-how that we have accumulated has enabled us to continue to grow while enhancing the profitability of our business through evolving market conditions. 


                      We have a suite of products we offer progressively, first to acquire customers with the right risk profile and then to maximize their lifetime value through the cross-selling of higher value and higher margin products. We provide existing customers with strong creditworthiness with personalized offers for cash loans and revolving products. This enables us to optimize loan portfolio quality by selectively offering larger credit lines to customers with proven creditworthiness, and at the same time deepening our engagement and increasing our interaction frequency by financing a wider range of their personal consumption needs.. 

                      Our ability to generate incremental sales volume for stores by providing financing – efficently and quickly - which makes their products more affordable for more customers has enabled us to build a diversified and resilient ecosystem of over 310,000 partners, including retailers, product partners and telco companies 

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