Home Credit is known for its informal communication culture – a balance of team, individual and project work and a healthy respect for the diverse experience and variety of opinions of employees.

                      • Be entrepreneurial
                      • Be focused on results
                      • Be innovative
                      • Be fair

                      Our team includes 140,000 employees around the world. No one can give you a clearer view of life at Home Credit than the people who work with us.


                      “I have worked at Home Credit for more than six years. I came to the bank right after graduation from college starting as an intern in the accounting team and now I’m the leader of the cost control team.”

                      Sandugash Koshkymbayeva


                      “Throughout my time at Home Credit I’ve had the chance to travel, I have formed lasting friendships, I have experienced different cultures from across Asia and through it all I have enjoyed the support and guidance of my supervisors.”

                      Petr Korinek

                      Home Credit offers great career opportunities to the right candidates in all the countries where we operate.


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