Financial literacy testimonials

                      Financial literacy seminars

                      Elena, 26, Novosibirsk:

                      To be honest, I was never partial to any credit products before, and didn’t know much about them. The Financial Literacy seminar by Home Credit allowed me to learn what the service was all about.

                      Gultan, 25, Almaty:

                      Through the Home Credit Financial Literacy seminar in my hometown, I learnt what to pay attention to when choosing your bank and the type of credit you want.

                      Thanawat, 28, Makassar:

                      I came to understand the importance of simple maths in a family budgeting and discovered the ‘secrets’ of a cash loan, including how to calculate interests.

                      Tatiana, 41, Shymkent:

                      I learned how to choose a credit; I reinforced my previous knowledge. I got answers to all my questions. For these things, all I can say is thank you!

                      Dendi, 27, Bandung:

                      I was always skeptical of taking out a cash loan and viewed them as dangerous, but I have changed my opinion after attending the Financial Literacy seminar because I now understand how to choose the “golden mean”.

                      Household budget workshops

                      Mrs. Huong, Nha Be province, Vietnam:

                      I not only received advice on expense management from a financial expert, but also got to share experiences with others in this seminar. Now I know how to manage household expenses effectively.

                      Mrs. Linh, Go Vap district, Vietnam:

                      My husband and I often argued about household expenses as we didn’t know what we had paid for and when. Through this seminar, I now know to keep track of and arrange expenses. This is a very useful seminar for everyone who runs a family budget.


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